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Hangzhou Huarun Industry Co.,Ltd. has completely developed original powder through 18 years’ striving since founded in 1992, and implements business philosophy of personalization management and system and stresses teamwork cooperation effects through all kinds of better resource finishing. We have become the economic enterprise with science research, production and trade.
Our business main chemical products include triethanolamine, N-Methyldiethanolamine and Thionyl chloride.
We have mainly dedicated to domestic sale of imported inspection chemicals. Our years’ cooperative partners are many petroleum chemical multinational enterprises from America, Germany, Britain, Russia, Japan and other nations. We have become the first optional supplier of many industries including, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dyeing industry and others.
Other largest output chemical products still owns:
Alcohol amine chemical products: monoethanolamine and diethanol amine
Surface active agent products: NP-10, AEO-9, AEO-3, PEG-400, PEG-60 and others
The company makes big achievement for export of chlorine-caustic soda chemicals.
Hurun Cement Co.,Ltd. owns high standard number cement with 2.6 millions for annual output, and gets top products which are widely used in high speed way, state key construction and other projects.
Welcome all kinds of chemical businessmen to make import trade cooperation with us
Welcome customers to telephone and establish cooperative relationship.



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